Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Gay parents banned from being couples in Chatholic Schools

Okay so isn't that like saying "Hey we have gay priests and we know it. But um.......... You can not be gay if you are a parent. Cus you are a second class piece of shit relationship" Bull Shit!

I am so pissed off right now you all have no idea. I have not writen here in a while and I must ask forgivness to that lack of communications. If you want to then thank NBC for posting this neglectful in thought story on thier website. If not well then fuck em.


I have to wonder where all this is leading. I found the last lines of the report to be of a lot of interest to me personally.

"Some parents feared the boys were pawns in a larger campaign by gay and lesbian Catholics to gain acceptance within the church and worried that other children's religious education would suffer if teachers avoided certain teachings to avoid making the boys uncomfortable."

You see as a gay man who grew up in a hate filled all straight thats great kind of atmosphere. I have to take offense to the idea that we would protect the "All Straight thats great" kids to the point of offending the gay parented kids. I mean fuck if thats the case go out and teach racism why don't you? That is just as offensive.

Some may not agree but then again that is why I have the blog and you have a back button you can hit to return to what everer rock you like to hide under.

Again from the same article:

"Practically speaking this means: The children adopted by a same-sex couple" may enroll "on the condition that the same-sex couple agree not to present themselves as a couple at school functions."

Does this also apply to straight parents at these same functions. Does this mean that good ole mom and dad have to act like they are not a couple. If not then you better be prepared for a law suit of two. Because what is good for that straight goose is good the the pink loving fuck you in the ass goose. (Harsh ideas call for harsh words).

But then again all of this is a mut point I supposed since the Supreme court allows this kind of segregation. Look at the Boyscouts case that went though Read this too while your at it. http://archives.cnn.com/2000/LAW/06/28/scotus.gay.boyscouts/

So just because we have an organization that is private they can seperate us. Man what a crock. I suppose there is no hope for anyone. So if I start a all private wiccan or gay children organiztion then I can tell you Wait your not one of us. Not really because then I would be said to be segregating your from the rest of the community at large. And of course I do not have the religion card or the Organization as old as god card to throw out to a judge. Give me a friggin break.

You may not like the idea of freedom of choice in your own life but I am limited enough as it is.


Monday, February 28, 2005


That title ought to get your attention.

Gun! Okay so it is time to piss off the good ole boys. (ready and willing to do so by the way).

If you purchase a gun you are responsible for it and the actions taken with it. If you think you are not resposible then do not buy it. I have heard the statement that it is our god given right to own a gun. Well it is my god given right to not be shot and killed so where do we draw this imaginary line. Personally I know how to shoot as I learned when I was a child. Personally I happen to be good at target practice. However, in this day and age I do not see fit to carry or own a gun for that matter because I have no need to shoot the squirels on my lawn and target practive is a pointless venture cus the paper and clay does not fight back.

I could understand someone having the right if they needed it for hunting or self preservation in such situations as that. However we are far to advanced a society to need a gun to sustain life by hunting. Now a days it is all about the sporting nature of it. Well some gun owner can live with shooting a piece of paper or even clay target some can not..... Some want to blow up the rabbit with and automatic weapon (sensless since there is no sport in it only a giddy feeling from the obliteration of the animal as it flys across the land in a million little pieces, but I digress).

Do we as a society then face this issue as a whole or in part. A whole is the only answer to face here. First of all like I said at the begining if you own a gun you are to be responsible for it. This does not say "If you own a gun you are irresponsible" It means you own a gun use it for what it is intended for but DO NOT let you kids get to it and do not leave it out so our unsuspecting (yeah right) thief breaks into your home and walk away with it.

I personally know people now who have gun that do not belong to them nor did they ever purchase them legally. I also know of someone who ran short on money and used his guns (yes plural) for colaterol with a man who has no business having them (he beats his wife and even raped their daughter on several occassions). It is amazing to me that everyone can think this system we currently have in place is working just fine ( BTW when I say everyone I mean gun supporters) . Bull Shit!

So the resriction that we want to place on criminals need to be placed on everyone. You say "I don't agree I am a responsible gun owner" Truthfully how responsible are you when again it can be gotten ahold of or you can make stupid choices with it for monetary gaine. No one owner is particulary more safe than another when it comes down to it. Yeah I know there are gun safes but do we require people to have them, for that matter should be require a gun lock be part of every purchase. Should be make it a law that if you are not a piece officer and you are carrying your gun you have to have it completely locked unloaded and stored in a lock box (not over done just thought out, and it is not a law right now it is a idea). Am I saying take away the guns. Hell no! I am saying make more responsible owners and put stricter rules in place. Make it illegal to have one unless you have a renewable license just life a drivers license. You may think this is unfair but it would cut down on some of the issues at hand.

Plus if you do not have the license you go to Jail plain and simple. If you do not take your renewable handling classes and you keep the gun you go to jail. After all it is for sport. You have to have a fishing license, hunting license... don't you. You receive hefty fines for not haveing a license for that iand if you are caught enough you what? GO TO JAIL

We can not say that gun sellers are doing the right things either. Hell I know that you can go to a gun show and hit up a vendor after getting his business card you call him up after the show and make the offer away from where he could lose his license. I know what I can buy at that point and so do all of you that have ever been to a gun show.

The truth of the matter is if we put restictions on one person or group we have to blanket the policy over all. Just so that your keeping up, not everyone will like it but if you want to own or carry a gun you will have to follow the order of things to get one, use one, own one legally. This is not to punish anyone at this point this is to say hey we all have bad seeds in our groups and this is just another group of idividuals with bad seeds in it.

Do I want guns taken away. Not really, but I know that if the neighbor kid breaks into my house steals my gun and shoots half his class I am responsible because I did not lock the damn thing up. And for that matter I should be held as an accessory to the fact because I did not take the steps to stop it from happening. My bad my fault. Againt since I do not currently own a gun I guess it is easy for me to say it. But let me fill you it I was once shot (knicked) at a shooting range by someone who bought a gun by having his girlfriend purchase it. He had no training and no business owning it. When they broke up guess what he took the Gun'S with him and now has them in Oregon. So sporting for someone who is not listed as the owner.

And that is my two cents.

BTW this all stems from this:

Tangent: Don't get me wrong on gun liberties. I think people should be allowed to have (most) guns, however, I think that there is little solid argument against some precautions that could make their ownership more safefor everyone. More extended background checks, required training courses (we require people to pass a test before they can drive a car for safety reasons, why not guns?) and stiffer penalties for people who sell guns without following the laws would provide a much safer atmosphere under which guns would be allowed. I also don't really see a good reason for people to own easily concealed handguns and think they should be limited to lawenforcement and military.

Monday, February 14, 2005


In the 5 years that Johnnie and I have been together he has never been this romantic in writen or physical form. It was an amazing morning to open my mail and find what I am going to share with all of you.

I Remember

I remember when we met that day
when you were introduced to me, and I had nothing to say
I remember that my throat went dry
I was so embarrased I almost wanted to cry
Your eyes were so amazing, they caught me off guard
Suddenly speaking or even thinking was hard
We toyed with one another, and walked about the faire
All I kept thinking was when you would want me out of your hair
I knew that I was at least in lust with you
And how your smile and touch turn me into goo
We flirted and danced the dance of courtship
And I had to keep reminding myself to get a hard grip
Because there was no way a man like you would want me
You would have your choice of men with whom could be
Then you kissed me, and my world turned upside down
And I felt giddy and silly like a clown
I was scared and had no clue
Of which step to take next or what to do
Then you asked me what I wanted
Those words burned into me leaving me haunted
No one ever asked me that before
I literally had to drag myself off the floor
How much more perfect could you be?
How much more right could you be for me?
I told you with no pretense I wanted it all
To be with you through every stumble and fall
Every moment of peace, Every moment of war
Every moment of fear or whatever else was in store
I wanted you in my life, and and I wanted it all.
I knew that in my soul I had to heed this call
This need, this want for love and devotion
From a man who could sense most every one of my emotions
Five years later I still stand by you and say
I remember when I fell for you at the faire that day.

I love you Greg.

- Johnnie

Friday, February 11, 2005

Do we have to be on guard 24/7/365

"We hold these truths to be self evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." - Thomas Jefferson

In reference to this pointed argument from the comments section of Kender’s Musing “Gay’s contaminated our blood supply and continue too & are creating new bacterias and viruses …” Mind you it was not Kender that made that statement but it is still on his site. Kender and I have known each other for a very, very, very, long time and I just could not blast the idiot there.

And hear you are the blasting:

Does anyone really believe that these circumstances are only created by gays…. Man, that is a narrow point of view. All persons are responsible for their actions right? So that Sadass that probably has sex with his children and beats his wife is not responsible for anything that is wrong in our society. Man, I have to wonder where all the screwed up Insecure, Beaten Down by their parent, Hated For being Fat, Ridiculed for be a Geek, people come from.

NOTICE I do not blame one race color or sexually oriented group because I like most people know that anyone group or person is not responsible for our fucked up world.

Rules to live by: I am not to judge who is to live and die or who is to blame for everything wrong with this country.

It seems to me that everyone should be held responsible for their part in the drudge we call the human race. We all judge and scream when someone judges us. Why is it so important to threaten the well being of a person just because we are uncomfortable.

It is far too easy to say one group has caused all the pain and suffering in the world without first realizing every group, race, or segregated group has bad bodies or minds among them. Whither we consider the group to be good or not are of no consequence. It is not really our god or country given right to pass judgment and cram it down the throats of everyone else around.

Does anyone really believe that they have the right to tell me whom I can and cannot sleep with? Screw you then. If I want to stick my dick into a Badger’s ass it is no ones business but my own. Well the Badger’s and mine. Of course that is why we have PETA. Now don’t get me wrong I do not want to sleep with Badgers the point is if I want to sleep Badger’s or with my mail man and he/it says “Hey lets fuck” that is our business.

I am not having sex with you so stay the fuck out of my bedroom. If I wanted you to see it I would make a video sell it on e-bay make millions and wonder why you are watching it if it is soooooo offensive. Get a Grip YOU BOUGHT INTO IT!

And if you want to call Gay’s/Fags the culprit of disease because we (and yes I said we) sleep around then take a look at straights as well. Well come on lets take that walk down the straight and horny road.

We have the following straight groups to contend with in the disease/blame category:

S & M when it involved: Shit, Cutting, Pissing, and any other exchanging of bodily fluid.




Sex Parties (Yes I know gays have them too)

Polyamorous relations.(they may be secluded but before that happens often times there are many partners before a group stays together.

Hookers (not that hookers are bad they just are not disease free)

Oh and don’t forget the whole horny teenagers with their hormones in a twist having sex for the first time in a car, under the bleachers, or in a locker room. Yeah that would have been half the story’s told. But hey did they all use protection. Did you all use protection when you made love (sarcasms included) for the first time.

Now remember children you are what you are so stop pointing the fucking finger at everyone else and saying they did it. Take responsablity for your feeling they are your and no one makes you truly feel anything it is your choice. Stepping off my soap box now.

“Now is the time for the pursuit of happiness. – Writer gray 2005”

PSA: In no way am I against any straight, bi, or gay groups having any kind of sexual realtions as long as it is safe. If you can hear them in the next house they are doing it right. I truly only hate the close minded who think that everything is vanilla and there are no repercusions as long as it is right in their own minds.

Saturday, February 05, 2005

Partnerships Revisited

Kender had some vailid points.

Read them here

I really do have to agree on what you have posted so far. Again as I have pointed out it is not a man woman thing. One other point to make is that most are arguing the point of marriage being between a man and woman based on some idea that marriage is about love. As you can see from Kenders point it is a corprate issue.

Also, you all must realize that most argue this whole thing based on the idea that you can only have two people in a realtionship. Well, I agree actually.

Party 1 or Party 2 may add the occational outside entertainment partnership, but there are to be no permanent additions unless the new partner is only singly invested upon by partner1 or parner2. A long term clause would be necessary to bind the 3rd party through adendum to the opriginal contract Again, this is an entertainment expense/gain over all if the partnership is turned into a living environment partnership and not just outsourced services.

So three ways and swinging would be legal in the original contact but not binding in the inclusive idea of the partnership. It is merely a legal loophole for this interested in extracaricular adventures.

Gods now I have really sent out a strange message don't you all think. But I have several examples of these situations to work from.

Couple #1 in Fresno, are both bi sexual and have extra caricualr outside entertainment adventures that are agreed upon before said adventure takes place.

Couple #2 is a straight couple from Orange county where one said female in the relationship likes to spank, bite, and comand other male specimen without sexual completion for thier entertained involvments. This is also done through pre arrainged agreements in their current marriage contact of prostition.

Couple #3 is a straight female and a Bi-sexual male married for 6 years with said male having a male partner for 5 years living in the same home. Note: they have suceded in this endeavor for five year without the help of the sate or federal government. They also do not expect to legalize their partnerships any time soon because persons 1 & 2 have a legally bind marriage contract of prostitution and adding another person to that would be illegal under the current standing of laws.

Note: With the new rules and contracts proposed couple #3 would be able to add said third individual under the clause of long term entertainment expense and gain. Thus allowing for retirement benifits, life and death situtational dtermination, and tax benifits.

Seems crazy but many couple are already doing all of this without anyone help of changing family values or prostetution charges. Seems to me that allowing anyone to contractually obligate themselves to one another would make paying taxes and such a little confusing, but much more profitable to all involved including our government.

Tee hee

My uncle, father, and friend

About two years ago well almost two years ago since it was February 8th. I lost a very important man in my life. He was kind hearted and never had much to show for it. I could tell you all about stories and such but it would quite literally go on for hours.

Charley Mac Gowan aka Gary Charles Smith was my uncle, father, and friend. Saying "was" is like saying he is no longer with us. Anyone that knew/knows my uncle knows that he left a legacy or impact left where ever he went. His carismatic behavior and jovial manor is what most knew him to be. I of course from being practically raised to be him, knew a much deeper side to his personality and quirks.

He had the singing voice of an angel and everyone knew there was something special about his voice. I watched him sing at wedding, funerals, campfires, and renaissance faires. He made you laugh, he made you sing, and above all else he made you want to remember him for his pure and simple soul. Everyone loved him and also wanted to be some small part of the magic he created.

He passed away while going to pick his wife up from work. She had worked another long graveyard shift and was waiting for several hours. He had a massive heart attack in thier drive way while half sitting behind the wheel of their truck.

In a sad ending and last ditch statement members of his blood family stole his things and raped his wife of the verious physical memories he had left behind. Leaving no stone left unturned some family even wanted his renfaire items to be theirs. I told them to fucking leave his wife alone. I said "She has done nothing to you, so drop this." My brother and cousin (his astranged son) did not. I still hate them to this day for the treatment and dishonor they have commited. If I am ever to face them in a dark alley they will not walk out as whole men again. I have made a promise to his memory now and I plan to live by it "My family is no longer welcome in my life or home with the exception of my mother, sister, and step father".

He was a good man and his family at faire is now where I belong. In my heart I will remember the man that sang his heart out until he passed out in his chair each and every night. In all things this is the most important time for his memory to live on through me. Of course there were all the times of bow and arrows or the lifting of my childhood body to the ceiling to bonk my head. So many memories are still mine and mine alone. But his compasion still lives on through all the people he has touched.

Good night my magical uncle, father, and friend. May all your songs and stories be true for ever in the minds of those that loved you.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

My Partner?

"My Partner" makes me sound like i am in a business arraingment..........

You see i have heard this term used way to much when reffering to realtionships. Lets face it I guess marriage or relationships are a partnership of sorts. But if it was a business reationship (which we should call it since money is exchanged) it would be considered prostitution. This may upset an un open person trying to defend the family values and such. But you lay down in bed with someone and it is really all about money. Life that is, all about money.

In todays economy you can not really afford to live alone. You must have a roomate or a well paid partner/spouse. Some may say "Hey Marriage is about love" I say Horse Shit.

If marriage was about love we would not be trying to make a man/woman thing. Love has nothing to do with it. It is all about power a rights when it comes down to it. I personally feel marriage is about (political) Monetary gain. One can not purchase property without another to help with a credit score or money.

Unless you have a silver spoon in a family members mouth or you have a really good paying job. To be quite frank I am a skilled educated individual and there are no jobs worth working 16 hours a day to make a mortgage payment on a home I will never see. If I wanted a home that bad I would have to buy something a little less extravagent.

On the other hand calling marriage a family values thing is a hillarious conversation. Define family values. You can't truly base it one anything we have had in the past because again that was the past and we are changing the idea of family values because of that issue. All families have issues but the most incest rape and abuse happened during the times we consider our contry to have the highest value on family. Lets us also remember all of those times we before we really got educated and began to think for ourselves.

How do I know the facts on abuse and Incest? I study and read just like everyone else. Also, I myself have lived through such thing and have had to councel a countless number of people who have those issues in their families. For instance I know a 52 year old woman who has no idea if her mother was her mother or if her mother was really her sister..... And that was not in Arkansas that was California. Another one I know a 23 year old who has a five year old sister that is actually her daughter... But dues to cover ups and hide and seek quaity of life her mother had a pregnancy that was through her daughter *miracle of miracles**

So, if you want family values start valuing your family. Take responsability for your childrens actions teach them morality since the schools can't any longer. Take the time to make sure your little Jack or Jill is not the newest hellion on the block and beat them without leaving marks if they are. Oh, wait that would require giving up the 16 hours a day at a job you hate so much. That would require spending time with your children. There we are, you need a partner.

Common Sense What's That?

Dear Readers:

Most of the time when I get something like this in my mail I just delete it. But this time it caught my eyes and here we are looking as what I call a bit of funny reality. Yes, for those hard nosed readers this may not be taken as joke. But what the hell do I care. I am just a writer passing on something that I actually can see the humor and reality of the situation in. Again I did not write it so whoever it belonged to thank you for writing such a pointed agreement to my actual thoughts.

And now the Obituary I have been waiting to read for many years now....... For some reason it took a while for anyone to notice it was dead....

Today we mourn the passing of a beloved old friend by the name of Common Sense who has been with us for many years. No one knows for sure how old he was since his birth records were long ago lost in bureaucratic red tape.

He will be remembered as having cultivated such value lessons as knowing when to come in out of the rain, why the early bird gets the worm and that life isn't always fair. Common Sense lived by simple, sound financial policies (don't spend more than you earn) and reliable parenting strategies (adults, not kids, are in charge).

His health began to rapidly deteriorate when well intentioned but overbearing regulations were set in place. Reports of a six-year-old boy charged with sexual harassment for kissing a classmate; teens suspended from school for using mouthwash after lunch; and a teacher fired for reprimanding an unruly student, only worsened his condition. It declined even further when schools were required to get parental consent to administer aspirin to a student; but, could not inform the parents when a student became pregnant and wanted to have an abortion.

Finally, Common Sense lost the will to live as the Ten Commandments became contraband; churches became businesses; and criminals received better treatment than their victims. Common Sense finally gave up the ghost after a woman failed to realize that a steaming cup of coffee was hot, she spilled a bit in her lap, and was awarded a huge settlement.

Common Sense was preceded in death by his parents, Truth and Trust, his wife, Discretion; his daughter, Responsibility; and his son, Reason.

He is survived by two cousins; My Rights and Ima Whiner. Not many attended his funeral because so few realized he was gone.

Sunday, January 30, 2005

Other News

Just so you all know this blog is not all about work. You see I just happen to be thinking alot about work lately, to much in fact. That would be why I am looking else where. So, to all that are interested I will start a normal schedule of dule adn useless info here soon hopefully not pertaining to work... But then again if you do know me I am sure you are saying "We'll see"

And now an even Dirtier house...

Okay so it has been a while since I wrote but I had my reasons and if you question them come and live my life for a while. You see when I last wrote I was getting rid of one huge pain in the ass. He held out for another month and half however and tried to take several staff memebers with him. We all, including the owner of the company, hoped he would just go away. It happened and now there is another pain in the wings waiting to take over.

Some may say "Such is life". I say "Screw this if I wanted to work for a miserable pain in the ass I would go to Disney and work for Eisner directly."

Okay so the first guy made a lot of promises and never followed through on a single one of them. He fired people for illegal reason and now we are reaping the wonderful benifits of using our lawyers. We were all told that tax was being taken out of our checks but we had to wait for stubs showing that. Turns out it was untrue just like everything else and well we are all screwed for taxes this year. Sad human beings we are, we never once thought to question it because lets face it we all expect a little bit or morality when going to work these days. There are certain rules that should be followed if not for common sense reasons alone.

That was the first guy we will call him "Jeff" because that is his actual name. The second guy now arriving from the wings is "Tom" and you can call him that again because that is his name.

Tom has a way about him that soooo reminds all of us of Jeff. Same God complex minus the lies. It seems he is there to reorganize the company and make no appologies about it. Of course the owner has not approved any of the changes but they are expected. Facts are facts he is just another pain in a long line of pains waiting to take over.

If any of you my lovely readers works in the mortgage industry you know it is hard enough without having a new L.O. (loan officer) Manager come in and change the system to their own.
However to make matter worse: Our Processor (the person who actually pushes the paper work on your lovely loans) has now quite because of this man. Our Junior Processor is now trying to take over with 3 month of experiance. Our Escrow officer has left and guess what that has now become my job along with all Marketting directors duties.

They do not pay me enough for this. I was the operations manager. Basically I worked hand in hand with the owner running the company so he could sell loans. He is a broker not a manager type person so he does not want to do it. Tom has now decided that I am to turn over all the managment duties to him including personel files. The Owner/Broker is on vacation.

I told Tom to "Get lost".

He persisted and lost, "Blow me your not getting the files"

So now the house is dirty again and well it will have to be cleaned at some point. I have decided it is time to move out. And yes I really said that.